2017-2018 Tournament Results

This page will be updated throughout the season as results from our tournaments become available.

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SIFA Championships 2018

  • 2nd place men’s saber
  • 3rd place women’s epee
  • 5th place women’s foil
  • 5th place women’s saber
  • 6th place men’s foil
  • 9th place men’s epee

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MACFA Championships 2018


  • 8th place men’s saber
  • 12th place overall

MACFA Championships Final Overall Results

SIFA North 2017


  • 2nd place men’s saber
  • 2nd place women’s saber
  • 2nd place women’s epee
  • 3rd place men’s epee
  • 3rd place women’s foil
  • 4th place men’s foil


  • 1st place women’s saber: Cecilia Hoover
  • 3rd place women’s epee: Kirsten Clamann
  • 4th place men’s saber: Liam Hyde